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After the project is implemented there is obviously a need to understand if the key objectives were achieved and how effectively. Through evaluation of projects solid knowledge is being revealed, new lessons are being learned.

Nowadays, social and environmental impact of the projects are also emphasized highly. Our experts have deep experience in project evaluation assignments.

Despite project evaluation is treated as an exercise of project closing phase, it has a central role at all phases of project life cycle.

Evaluation As Part Of Managing For Impact

Nowadays, measuring social impact is becoming an imperative area for not-for-profit organizations, who arrange activities to address social problems.

Social impact relates to the long-term positive changes, for individuals, communities, and society as a whole, that result from activities or services provided by development-sector organizations.

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More About Project Evaluation

After your project is completed, you will need to do a final evaluation. You may think this is a part of a lessons learned review, but here the difference occurs.

  • A lessons learned review is a process, where all the project stakeholders provide their comments on what went well and what didn’t. You, as a project manager, collect and study this information to improve how projects are delivered in the future. It is a key part of project closure, but it is not a formal evaluation.
  • A project evaluation is mainly about figures, it is deeper process. During a project evaluation you, as a project manager, look at the project schedule and budget, quality and stakeholder satisfaction, achievement of project goals, and so on. Final project evaluation report can be included in the project closure document set.

In professional literature you may find many reasons to measure social impact, we separated some of them:

  • Accountability. You can report back to funders on time with quality reports.
  • Fundraising. You can use the strength of your impact measurement, and results, to attract new funders.
  • Collaboration. You can use findings from your impact measurement to share with other organizations in the sector and collaborate.
  • Marketing & Communication. You have powerful data/stories to use to promote your organization.
  • Learning & Improving. You can use findings from your impact measurement to improve your activities, leading to better results for your participants.

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