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PMA is an invaluable partner. Their experts have collaborated to support the growing field of practitioners using collective impact.

Tsoler Manissajian
Project Owner, Akunq Resort Project

Every business has its specific needs.
Our Management Advisory services are designed to improve the efficiency of your business and to deliver profitable solutions in your operational, financial and project management needs.

Our experts work closely with executive management and key employees of your company to learn the current situation of the business, to reveal the growing potential and design the proper solution for the business need.

We, PMA Experts, can focus on the company as a whole, on individual organizational unit or a specific function.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”~ Peter F. Drucker.

Range of Industries

Financial Services
Private Equity
Agriculture & Greenhouses
Manufacturing & Services
Food Processing
Hospitality & Tourism
Transport & Logistics Consulting
Retail and Wholesale Trading, & Supply Chain
Healthcare & Medical Services
Regional and Social Development Programs
Hi-Tech Projects & Startups
Infrastructure, Construction & Landscaping
Business Services
Energy & Natural Resources
Textile & Cloths Manufacturing
Science & Research
Consumer Products

More about Management Advisory

The philosophy of PMA LLC is to stand with our clients at the all stages of business development: starting from idea validation to project management, and from business management to development.

We collaborate with outstanding experts, coming from different domains and having rich experience, who are ready to take the challenge your business objectively offers. Since establishment we helped companies from different industries, which makes us feel confident with the coming assignments and challenges.

Our Management Advisory Services (MAS) include:

  • Advisory on corporate strategy;
  • Business planning and modelling;
  • Financial analysis, modelling and forecasting;
  • Business valuation and advisory on private equity;
  • Investments management.
  • Marketing Strategy and Research;
  • Advisory on process management;

However, the specific need, defined by your business, may consider another services, and we will consider this point while working with you.

You are welcome to contact us and we will do our best to help you to achieve the next stage of your business development and overcome the problems your business deals with.

Also, you can find information about a part of our assignments delivered with our experts.

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